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What is new in the vegan world

Dilip Joshi

The Earthen One team has a friendly but relentless way of following their passion  – To make a world minus cruelty! Though their journey is at odds with reality, I have seen them creating definite and considerable changes around- wherever they go. The Earthen One is a complete reflection of the people that run it! And I am determined to think that The Earthen One will always be successful in shaping all their dreams into reality

Co-Founder of 1ness

Dr. Rupa Shah

*The Eathen One* events to promote vegan lifestyle are super! All the presenters are of very high quality! Just do one thing…follow The Earthen One through out and you are all set on your path to be vegan!

Founder of Compassion Magazine Healing Temple

Abhay Rangan

The Earthen One has been a phenomenal resource for us in reaching out more deeply into the plant-based business community and forging partnerships that will pave the way forward for increased access to plant-based food all over India.

Co-founder of Good Mylk

Rishu Sharma

There are very few business entities that helps new businesses to grow and The Earthern One is one such entity I have come across. Mrs. Ruchika Chitrabhanu at The Earthern One has been very supportive & helpful to give our business a head start by introducing us to some of the renowned business owners for collaboration and getting us our first big client. I have known Ruchika for over 2 years now and she has been incredibly supportive, encouraging and kind. I admire the amazing work that the team does  for animal welfare, veganism and Ahimsa. I wish them all the best and tremendous success.

Co-Founder and Partner, Plan B Foods