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  • How can we help you become a better vegan?

    We bring fun and educative events like markets, parties, talks and campaigns by health and fitness experts, environmentalists, entrepreneurs and business owners, brands, restaurants, social workers and other individuals to help you get the correct information on veganism. We also recommend tried and tested sustainable products, brands and restaurants. At The Earthen One, we strive to create a community to help people be more confident and get rid of their anxiety whilst adopting a vegan lifestyle. Our events act as a catalyst for vegan enthusiasts to meet like-minded people and experts to help you become a better vegan.

  • What are the advantages of becoming a vegan?

    Veganism offers several advantages from an environmental, health and compassion point of view. To begin with, a healthy whole food plant-based diet has a variety of health benefits, including lowering cholesterol levels and therefore lowering the risk of heart disease, as well as avoiding and reversing other lifestyle diseases like diabetes and blood pressure. Changing to a vegan diet is also healthy for the earth. Animal agriculture is the largest cause of deforestation, extinction of other species and pressure on natural resources. Most importantly, it would put an end to creatures’ misery, torture and abuse. Animals have the right to live and are not meant to be used for food, fashion or entertainment.

  • Is it better to make the veganism transition slowly or all at once?

    It is feasible to make the shift all at once if you are really determined; nevertheless, you may experience increased cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It’s also OK to make the move gradually if you haven’t changed your diet in a long time. We highly recommend substituting with the right plant-based foods to make sure you are getting the right nutrition required for the body. It is also critical to conduct more studies or consult a plant-based nutritionist to understand more.

  • Apart from food, are there any other areas in which I can go vegan?

    Simply defined, a vegan diet is one component of a vegan lifestyle. Aside from that, you may go vegan by eliminating all animal-based materials, including leather, silk, wool, fur, honey or any other product coming from an animal source. It’s also vital to avoid using animals in entertainment, such as circuses, or zoos, as a vegan. Finally, be certain that the cosmetics or medication are not tested on animals or have animal products.

  • Why is it cruel to drink animal milk?

    Cows, goats, and any other animals whose milk is used by humans are bred only for their milk and calves. In the dairy business, this milk is stripped away from the calves, they are separated from their mothers and given artificial milk replacers and fodder. These unfortunate creatures are forcibly inseminated and driven to produce far more milk than their bodies can handle. At the end of 5-6 years, the cows are sent to the slaughterhouse. As dairy consumers, we are instrumental to the torture they face and for their short life span. Indirectly, we are supporting the slaughterhouses.

  • What are the animal milk substitutes?

    Cow’s milk, goat’s milk, or any other animal milk can be replaced with a variety of plant-based substitutes. Almond milk, soy milk, and oat milk are just a few of the plant-based milk available. This milk is nutritious and simple to obtain or prepare at home. They are also cruelty-free, and their production does not affect the environment and is good for health.

  • How can you do business with us?

    You can email us at with your requests and you will be updated shortly.

  • Can you help with medical conditions and give nutritional advice?

    Because The Earthen One is not a medical organisation and we are not medical experts, we are unable to offer any medical advice to our members. If you have a health problem, we highly advise you to see your doctor or a qualified dietician who is familiar with plant-based eating.