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What we Do

"If you want to become an instrument of change, gather people in your community and host a regular conversation. The only way to succeed is to connect people, share inspiration and support one another."

– Deepak Chopra

About TEO

The Earthen One is a team of passionate individuals whose vision is to create a cruelty-free and sustainable future. The trigger to start The Earthen One was the gap we saw between society’s understanding of veganism and how to adapt to it in daily life.

We are an events and discovery platform that believes knowledge is power. We collaborate with health and fitness experts, and vegan content creators who help our audience transition to a vegan lifestyle effortlessly.

We initiate events such as vegan markets that help people get access to new and upcoming vegan products while enabling these brands to garner visibility. Our potlucks and vegan parties are a fun way to bring vegans and non-vegans together.


Our mission is to build a community that inspires and helps people make lifestyle changes that are sustainable for our health, animals and the environment.


We dream to create a kinder world for all living beings: A vegan in every home.

Connect  I  Collaborate  I  Coexist

The Earthen One strongly believes that a change is possible only when we connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals, brands, organizations and businesses to amplify our message. Our mission is a belief built on coexistence and not on competition.

Empathy I  Embrace I Empower

It is with empathy, not just towards humans, but other life forms too, that human society can attain progress. Our approach of embracing, not judging, and empowering people to bring a change, makes one feel exhilarated to give back to create a compassionate society.

Revive I Reconnect I Renew

A conscious journey to renew our choices that will create a positive impact on our lives and the planet. Gradually shifting to a more plant-based diet and everyday products, reducing or eliminating products made with cruelty and harmful chemicals, will enable one to truly revive and reconnect with one’s body, mind, soul and nature.

About us

We are a growing group of passionate individuals, using our spare time in spreading the message of animal compassion. Vegans and vegetarians, we use our strengths in bringing positive change and growing the plant-based community. We live by our precepts and dream larger than life.

Ruchika Chitrabhanu

Interior Designer
Founder of The Earthen One
Co-Founder of Ahimsafest.

Global Advisor for Jain Vegan Initiative

Save as many animals as possible.

Mitisha Mehta

Founder and Creative Director at Makers & Markers
Co-Founder and CMO

I’m here to help steer and curate experiences that ignite the spirit of compassion within us to co-exist and to be!

Chintan Sakariya

Founder of Vama Fine Jewels

Don’t rush, good things take time

Mudra Parekh

Social Media Manager
Working in the AR sector

Cooking delicious vegan food to convince people vegan food is not boring! Speaks for animal rights and feminism.