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Kebabs and Koffee.

The Earthen One X Earth cafe October 9th,2021 Good Food, Great company and Interesting conversations. That’s what the event “Kebabs and Koffee” was about, a culmination of better food choices and creativity. We, The Earthen One and Earth Café, came together to create an experiential evening for our exclusive guests and patrons. A casual evening with a curated menu of mock meats made from plants was the surprise element for our guests. Influencers, entrepreneurs, designers and food bloggers. Most of them who tried plant-based meat for the first time were amazed at how close mock meat can be to actual meat. While the platters of Kebabs, burgers, hot dogs and vegan coffee poured in, our guests enjoyed the evening with some fun conversations. At The Earthen One, we curate plant-based events to highlight a lifestyle […]

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The Bombay Vegan Party

November 1st, 2021 The Bombay Vegan Party on World Vegan Day (1st November 2021) took over an upscale restaurant, London Taxi for the entire day. For the first time in Mumbai, a mainstream restaurant served only vegan food for lunch and dinner. It was a day filled with energy, positivity and euphoria. A specially curated vegan menu with mock meat alternatives and dairy alternatives impressed the vegan-curious and non-vegans. With some inspiring talks, great company and a goodie bag to take back home, it was a day well spent. “Veganism always was and will always be the future. Jump on the bandwagon and be part of this amazing community.” What do we say, next time don’t miss it. Organised by - compassion magazine and the earthen one

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The Bombay Vegan Party, A Wing, Ground Floor, Trade Centre, Kamala Mills, Opp. Times Tower, Lower Parel
Mumbai, India
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The Mumbai Vegan Food Bazaar

December 26th, 2021 - 27th February 2022 Just before the end of the year, we initiated the Mumbai Vegan Food Bazaar at Ghatkopar West, a busy suburb in Mumbai. In an area with most vegetarians, the concept of veganism is untapped and that is what inspired us to hold five markets (every Sunday) that will enable people to taste and try vegan food. There were dahi vada, dahi idli and dahi rice served for free to all visitors and they realized that with dairy alternatives it is easy to switch to plant-based options. Apart from that, there were many stalls with vegan foods and organic produce. Our estimate was to get 300-350 visitors but we were overwhelmed to see almost 700 people visit our market. We are here to take veganism to every household and […]

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How to Reverse Diabetes and Heart Disease with Food

We are organizing three talks with Dr Vanita Rahman, The Director of the Barnard Medical Center, USA, will be talking on how diseases can be tackled with diet. India is leading in Diabetes and cases in heart diseases are rising too. Dr. Rahman leads clinical research and medical education programs, and provides patient care with an emphasis on disease prevention and reversal. She is also a clinical instructor in medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine and frequently speaks at international medical conferences. Dr. Rahman is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer and has authored several books on nutrition and published articles in peer-reviewed medical journals. Dr Rahman has spoken in many conferences and hospitals but recently spoke at Medical Grand Rounds at Medstar Union Memorial Hospital and Fairfax Hospital (2 separate hospitals), […]

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