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The Best Vegan Cruelty Free Cosmetic Brands Available in India Today 

Be beautiful inside and out.

Indulge in a range of exciting cruelty-free, vegan, plant based cosmetic brands available right here in India. Transform your daily office look to a party look or get jazzed up for your best friend’s wedding. It’s all possible. 

It might be hard to find the right brand, but worry not, Earthen One’s got your back. Presenting this exhaustive list of our favorite Indian vegan cosmetic brands. If you have any more to add, just let us know. 

Plum Goodness

Plum Goodness uses well-researched active ingredients in a 100% vegan formulation. This brand is also high on sustainability and has their own recycling programme. They also offer a range of products for men under a brand called PHY. 

EO Recommends: 15% Vitamin C serum with Mandarin 


Disguise Cosmetics

Disguise is a PETA Approved vegan cosmetic brand with a wide range of products: kajal, lipstick, nail polish, serum, moisturizer, eyeshadow, highlighters, lip balm and lip & cheek tints. Disguise Cosmetics believes that quality products can be created without harming any living being. We are with you on this Disguise! 

EO Recommends: Black Slayer 11 Matte Lipstick



Not just vegan but also Jain friendly! This brand comes from a family of cosmetic dermatologists of over three generations. They have over 90+ years of collective expertise in understanding the needs of Indian skin. Choose from a range of moisturizers, creams, lotions, cleansers, serums, chemical peels, and masks for men and women. 

EO Recommends: Kesar & Kojic Daily Pigmentation Correction Cream with Kesar extracts, 2% Kojic Acid & 1% Niacinamide


Iba Cosmetics

“What makes us beautiful, must also be beautiful”. True to their philosophy, Iba Cosmetics is a vegan, cruelty free and Jain friendly. Iba uses natural plant-based ingredients and offers a wide range of over 60 products. Get ready to be spoilt for choice! 

EO Recommends: Iba Halal Long Stay Matte Lipstick


Fae Beauty

A modern brand with an Indian outlook that offers a range of products customized for Indian skin and Indian climate. And of course, 100% vegan, cruelty free to boot! The names of products are quirky like the No BS Cleanser, Face Mop (Makeup removing balm) and Desi Drink Lip Balms.  

EO Recommends: Get one of the SkinSticks — we love the hands-free application.



Apart from being natural, cruelty free, vegan, Asa adds the sustainable angle. This luxury brand stands out from the pack, literally, by offering a refillable range of lipsticks, cheek tints and lip balms.

EO Recommends: The minis are perfect for those who wish to flirt with colours without a long term commitment!


Veda Earth

Find the trusted traditions of Ayurveda married with aromatherapy in this modern skincare brand. Veda Earth believes in kindness and compassion towards all living beings and ensures their entire range is vegan and cruelty free. 

EO Recommends: Anti-Pollution Face Cream 


Neemli Naturals

Neemli Natural’s entire range of premium products is natural, free from any nasties, vegan and promises efficacy. Made in artisanal small batches by this family-run company.

EO Recommends: Neemli Hyaluronic & Vitamin C Serum


Daughter Earth

Ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, modern active biochemistry, and plant-based vegan ingredients—all come together in this gorgeously conceived and packaged brand. Daughter Earth has an innovative, wide range of products from regular moisturizers, lipsticks to lip masks and face mists.  

EO Recommends: Triphala + Apple Stem Cells Under Eye Serum, Moisturizer with Kombucha Essence



Kiro wants everyone to step into the future of clean beauty with their 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben free range. Their skincare is infused with all the best plant-based oils from argan oil, mango seed oil, jojoba oil to avocado oil. This brand wants to build a range of make-up and cosmetic care that is good for you, as their tagline says, “Designed to perform.”

EO Recommends: Super Butter Lip Lacquer



Nyor in Assamese means dew drops! Perfect for their exclusive range of vegan, lip plumping colours made for the Indian skin tone and Indian climatic conditions. They also offer an overnight lip balm that hydrates and rejuvenates your lips.



Fun, young and happy — a brand you can grow young with. All Gush products are vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated consciously with clean ingredients. Want a way to cross-check? You’ll never find an endless list of 30+ ingredients but a neat and tidy hard working list of ingredients. 

EO Recommends: Glow Getter which is a moisturiser, illuminator, primer and sun-protector. 


Vaunt Skincare

This 100% vegan brand believes in more than just beautiful skin. They stand for daily skin solutions with a promise of well-groomed skin that glows from within. We love the packaging — neat and no nonsense. They believe in minimal but hardworking ingredients. Vaunt has also collaborated with Wildlife SOS to support and conserve wildlife in India. 

EO Recommends: Brazil Nut + Rosehip Face Oil with Vitamin E booster


Good Vibes

From the brand that brought us Carmesi sanitary pads, the Good Vibes range is made from natural and safe ingredients. While not all their products are vegan, a quick search helps you find the vegan, cruelty free ones. This vegan range covers essential oils, toners, lotions, sunscreen, shower gels and soap bars too.

EO Recommends: Coconut Nourishing Sunscreen with SPF 30 and Rosemary Leaf Oil


Just Herbs 

A range of natural ingredients enriched products to choose from. While some products contain non-vegan ingredients, the brand offers a wide vegan range including our personal favourite — the Matte Liquid Lipsticks in 16 shades.

EO Recommends: 8 in 1 Eyeshadow Lidsticks 


Bon Organics

Bon Organics believes in harnessing the power of nature in their handmade range made with certified organic ingredients. There are few labelled vegan products— lip balms, lip & cheek stains. Other products like loose face powders mention that they do not contain any animal ingredients.

EO Recommends: Lip & Cheek Stain — Wild Rose