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The Best Men’s Vegan Leather Alternative Footwear and Fashion Brands in India

Fashion is finally waking up to materials that are cruelty-free and sustainable. The production of leather has come under increased scrutiny, more so after brands like Gucci, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and others have gone fur-free. Luxury fashion brands are jumping on the bandwagon of “vegan leather” with increased enthusiasm.

Some facts before we dive into the list

The Global Vegan Leather Market was valued at USD 61.5 Million in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 106.0 Million by 2030.

Vegan leather is often Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) or polyurethane (PU) leather as these lend themselves well to designs, are easy to work with, and give a leather-like look and feel. For the environmentally conscious, there are various sustainable options available in India, like bamboo, cork, fabric, and plant-based leather made from coconut, apple, pineapple, and mushrooms. A PETA-certified label will ensure it is free from animal products.

So, what are you waiting for? It Is cool to be compassionate. Dive straight into Earthen One’s curated list of the best Men’s vegan leather alternative footwear and fashion brands in India.

We like to thank Rise of Compassion for their contribution towards this list.

1. Baggit

Responsible fashion is what this brand stands for! Launched in 2012 by Nina Lekhi, who grew a home business into this mammoth industry leader, Baggit offers highly functional non-leather bags, wallets, laptop bags, travel bags and totes.


2. Hamelin

“Reimagined lifestyle accessories”, Hamelin’s tagline says it all. Reimagined it is — with cruelty-free, ethically sourced vegan leather in a wide range that is honestly priced. Madhumita, the founder of Hamelin, wanted to challenge the status quo and succeeded beautifully with Hamelin’s wide range of bags and accessories.


3. Malai

There’s more to coconuts than you thought! The tagline of Malai is intriguing. But who had thought that vegan leather can be created from coconut waste? Launched in 2017 by Zuzana Gombosova and Susmith Suseelan, this bio-composite material feels like leather and yet is light on the planet. This material is durable, flexible and water-resistant to some degree.

All their products are designed and made in India. The collection features pouches, wallets, coin pouches and cross-body bags.


4. Broke Mate

If you are looking for no-fuss, simple and functional bags then Broke Mate is perfect for you. Their classic designs are ideal for regular use. A special mention about their laptop bags which are a relief from the regular mundane ones.


5. Moon Rabbit

Stylish and yet mindful!

Meet Moon Rabbit, a vegan faux leather brand offering bags and accessories that are playful yet classy. High-quality products that are skillfully handcrafted in India, this brand is ideal for the fashion-conscious.

This brand offers a wide range of bags, wallets, laptop sleeves, luggage tags, travel pouches, desk accessories and even test tube planters!


6. Tann Trim

Tann stands for brown and Trim for minute details! The Tann Trim range encapsulates that perfectly in ethically sourced polyurethane (PU) leather. The designs are chic and highly functional and available in a wide range of bags and accessories like laptop sleeves, mouse pads, and desk mats.


7. Arture

Made from Cork? Yes, you heard it right. Established in 2015, Arture is a leather alternative brand in India offering lifestyle products made from 100% cork fabric. Cork is water-resistant, anti-fungal, lightweight and flexible. It looks stylish and is sustainable too!

The collection offers a range of wallets, sling bags, laptops, kindle sleeves and travel accessories.


8. The House of Ganges

If you like neat aesthetics then this brand is perfect. And all in a wide range of eye-popping colours. The House of Ganges is a luxury design house, founded by Riya and Ricky Osatwal, offering a range of luxury vegan bags and accessories. This brand takes a step further by not only offering ethically made goods but also supporting fair wages.


9. The Alternate

For eco-conscious men the brand states! And rightly so, the range of cruelty-free footwear, bags and wallets is made with faux leather that has been tested and approved by the Central Leather Research Institute. A brand that goes that extra mile.


10. Aulive

This brand is proudly labelled “Genuinely Not Leather”! This brand uses two very innovative materials — pineapple leaf fibre and pleather which is a plastic fabric made to look like leather. The smart and fashionable range includes messenger bags, trunks, backpacks, and purses—all in a range of colours.


11. Monkstory

The tagline “Sensual, sustainable and sensational” sums it all. This is a vegan fashion label that aims to build that alternate space for conscious fashionistas with 100% vegan fashion. They offer stylish vegan, cruelty-free bags and belts made from sustainable materials.


12. A Big Indian Story

A Big Indian Story is exactly what the name suggests! This brand works with traditional Indian artisans to create contemporary clothing, a range of bags and accessories for men and women. Their range promises only natural fabrics, vegetable dyes and cruelty-free materials.

Footwear Range: Oxford, Monks, Loafers and Brogues


13. Paaduks

Since its launch in 2013 when they crafted footwear from old, discarded tyres, Paaduks has always been one step ahead. Expect a range of stylish and trendy vegan footwear that is also sustainable at every step!

Range: Flats, Flip Flops, Sandals, Slide in


14. PAIO

This brand came into being after years of experimenting with all kinds of plant-based leather including mushroom leather! This vegan shoe brand makes stylish yet comfortable shoes. The products are handcrafted and can be customised.

Range: Oxfords, Sneakers, Slip-ons, Sandals


15. Ethik

“The trendiest footwear styles are now non-leather!” Launched in 2012, this brand offers a range of men’s footwear made with vegan man-made leather using microfibre and plant cellulose for those who wish to make a conscious, cruelty-free, sustainable fashion choice.

Range: Men: Loafers, Oxfords, Derbies, Monk straps, Mules, Slip-ons, Lace-ups


16. Nopelle

Luxury beyond skin states the website. Pelle stands for skin in Italian so Nopelle stands for no-leather. All their products are 100% vegan. Nopelle prides itself on using skilled artisans with decades of experience. This luxury brand has timeless designs that promise you can wear for years.


17. Lusso

It’s the Lusso Lifestyle — a cruelty-free fashion experience to all customers through a range of footwear made from premium vegan micros. Designed by a team of fashion industry veterans, the brand promises to deliver the design that suits you the best.

Range: Lace Ups, Slip Ons, Monks, Ethnic Footwear


18. Mondarro

The brand promises premium quality without the premium price. Founded in 2018, this brand defines its mission as converting users of animal products to cruelty-free products with eco-efficient and ethically sourced materials. They offer a refreshingly different range from the other men’s brands with variants like Espadrilles and Driving Shoes.

Range: Slip Ons, Loafers, Formals, Driving Shoes, Espadrilles


19. Niche

What might be our favourite line: Good guys don’t wear leather! Niche offers the latest designs with comfort and luxury. The range is made from faux leather which is believed to offer superior quality and comfort as compared to animal-based leather. Don’t miss their embroidered Mojari range which married tradition with style effortlessly.

Range: Brogues, Lace-ups, Loafers, Monks, Sandals, Boats and Boots.


20. Beej (Soon to close)

Studio Beej was founded in 2019 with a resolve to be more conscious and sustainable. Their range is stylish, fashionable, and beautifully crafted. This design house is shutting so many of their designer bags and accessories are on sale.


As you make that decision to lead a conscious life, the journey that started on your plate seeps into various aspects of your life. There are a range of brands offering vegan, cruelty-free footwear and accessories for men that are fashionable and with the current trends. You won’t even know these aren’t made from animal leather. Stay cool, stay trendy, and stay compassionate. Kindness is the in thing!