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Nomou Ice Cream

When going vegan, you might be worried that cutting out dairy might mean missing treats like
ice cream, but do not worry because there are delicious vegan alternatives that taste even better than usual dairy ice cream. Nomou is free of dairy, refined sugar, vegetable oil, trans-fat and preservatives. The menu includes flavours like “Lotus Biscoff”, Sea Salt Caramel and a nostalgic “Meetha Paan”. Most of their gelatos are made from either coconut milk or soya milk and are sweetened by palm sugar. They take pride in making sure their ice creams are fresh and delectable.
Nomou’s creamy texture and subtle sweetness coupled with a wide range of decadent flavours make it a top brand when it comes to ice creams in India. We recommend Nomou not just to vegans and lactose-intolerants but also to those who wish to try out eco-friendly ice cream

Our top picks: Cookies and Cream, Sea Salt Caramel, Lotus Biscoff. 

For more traditional flavours try Pistachio or Paan. 

Available Pan India on leading e-commerce platforms.

Soft Spot Cheese

The brainchild of Anushi Patel, Soft Spot Foods is a premium accessible cheese brand that boasts 100% plant-based cheeses that are dairy-free and cruelty-free. A blend of nuts, oil and plant milk, the mozzarella is a best seller that melts beautifully on a pizza and is barely distinguishable from the usual dairy alternative. The Cheddar and Nagin Cheese is perfect to add a little zing to any Mexican dish while the Parmesan almost feels like snowflakes when used as a garnish on pasta. Other bestsellers include the Truffle Spread and the Smoked Cheese. We have tried various international vegan cheeses and are confident to say that Soft Spot definitely competes with them and is often even better!

Available Pan India. Check their website to find locations near you

An Ode to Gaia

India’s first luxury & sustainability-driven plant-based patisserie, An Ode to Gaia offers 100%vegan desserts. Founded by a self-taught perfectionist, Naimita Jagasia, this is not just a simplebakery, it is art on a plate. Their menu is carefully curated and all the ingredients are sourced>ethically as they directly buy from local farms and small businesses. They go a step forward bymaking sure their packaging is sustainable, working conditions are fair and they often fundanimal shelters. Their pricing is slightly expensive but it is only due to the premium qualityproducts. When it comes to taste, we assure you that they will not disappoint. An Ode To Gaia’sbest sellers includes Hazelnut Praline Chocolate Cake, Berries and Chocolate Custard Entremet,Mango Cheesecake, Pink Forest Cake, and Macarons. You simply cannot go wrong with An Ode To Gaia.

To get more information, check out their website.

Break Of Dawn

Founded by Mumbai based Pardita Mascarenhas, Break of Dawn is a homemade almond milk & cheese brand that delivers fresh and tasty products all over Mumbai! Their almond milk is theirsignature item available in a variety of flavours such as cinnamon, rose, thandai, mango(seasonal) and many more. Apart from milk, they also make granola and almond feta cheese in various flavours. Pardita’s journey to starting Break of Dawn began when she accidentally madealmond milk for her brother and it’s been a hit ever since. Break of Dawn runs on a subscription model but one can also order as and when required. They deliver fresh, rich and creamy milkmade with organically sourced almonds right at your doorstep.

We recommend you try their cinnamon, thandai and date almond milk, while the chilli garlic and sour cream & onion feta cheese go well with crackers and salads.Currently, Break of Dawn is available only in Mumbai.

Vegan Butters

While there is a plethora of plant-based milk available in the market, vegan butter has not been very easy to crack. We found that two vegan butters – Nutter by 1ness and Whitecub, come closest in taste to their dairy counterpart. Nutter and Whitecub both include coconut but the former also has Cashews, Canola Oil and Cold Pressed Walnut Oil while the latter has Sesame Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Lecithin, and Citric Acid. They are great for Indian and Western cooking and Whitecub butter can be used in baking and is Jain friendly too.

These brands are available pan-India on leading e-commerce websites and selected stores.

Funny Nani

When going vegan, you would definitely be on the lookout for an alternative to paneer. Funny Nani is a start-up by a group of youngsters from Gujarat who wanted to introduce a substitute to this staple dairy product in every home that is not just dairy-free but also free from soy and nuts. Their vegan paneer is made from watermelon seeds, making it a healthier version with almost the same amount of protein per serving when compared to the dairy paneer. The texture, softness and nutritional value will ease your transition to a plant-based diet.

The Field Grill Co

This is a call for all kebab lovers who miss the tender and flavourful taste of mouth-melting kebabs: we recommend Field Grill, a company that specializes in a range of tasty kebabs that are 100% plant-based. This is the perfect alternative packed with protein and flavours, and yet juicy enough to let the chicken be off your plate. We recommend the “Achari” and “Tandoori Seekh Kebabs” which are made with pea protein and are a quick and convenient snack without any added preservatives. Their other bestsellers include the “BBQ Nuggets” and a range of “Burger Patties.” Fulfill your insatiable hunger for meat with a much healthier, plant-based alternative that is hormone and antibiotic-free.

Available pan-India

Blue Tribe

Passionate about the animals and the planet, Blue Tribe, wants to reinvent the way the world eats meat. Specially aimed at non-vegetarian eaters who want to switch to a healthier, environment-friendly product without compromising on the taste and texture of their favourite dishes, Blue Tribe offers a plethora of options ranging from plant-based Chicken Nuggets to Chicken Darjeeling Momos. Free of cholesterol and GMO, and full of protein and other nutrients such as Vitamin B-12, Blue Tribe is the answer to all your meat cravings.

Available pan-India.