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Bring your hormones back on track

Bring your hormones back on track

November, 2023
Bring your hormones back on track

Do you struggle with premenstrual symptoms (PMS) such as bloating, irritability, mood swings, anxiety, acne, sugar cravings, and insomnia? We are socialised to believe that these symptoms are an unavoidable component of fluctuating cycle hormones, but this is not the case. That is not how our cycle should be. Our periods are the monthly report card of our health, and if anything is off, it plainly indicates that your hormones are out of balance. 

Let’s speak about how simple lifestyle adjustments can help us enhance our hormone balance. But first, remember that our hormones, like an orchestra, function in a careful equilibrium. The endocrine system, a network of glands responsible for hormone secretion, is a remarkable network that governs ovulation, menstruation, metabolism, mood, stress response, energy levels, and sexual desire. When there is a communication breakdown anywhere in your endocrine system, your hormones go wild, resulting in unpleasant sensations, much like when the symphony goes berserk. This is your body’s method of alerting you that you are out of balance.

You can start rebalancing your hormones and supporting your endocrine system immediately with a few crucial (and simple!) measures.

1. Shun the refined sugar

Refined sugars including alcohol are two of the biggest endocrine disruptors that contribute to the body’s stress burden. Sugar produces inflammation and feeds the harmful bacteria in our gut, causing digestive issues and candida overgrowth. Alcohol stresses your detox system, which must be kept in excellent working condition in order to metabolise your hormones and maintain general hormone balance. Alcohol can create havoc with your blood sugar and insulin levels, triggering sugar cravings, irritability, increased appetite, and sleep disruption. Kick both out and you feel better in just a few days. If you have a sweet tooth, stick to dark chocolate or healthy sugar alternatives like jaggery or coconut sugar, and swap wine for fizzy but health-promoting beverages like kombucha or water kefir.

2. Sleep your way to good hormones

Most of us do not get enough sleep, and some of us sleep against the clock, which does not rejuvenate the body. As a result, our hormones are paying the price for our fast-paced lifestyles. Sleep deprivation raises cortisol levels, putting your body in fight-or-flight mode and promoting weight gain, sweet cravings, and weariness. Aim for 8-9 hours of sleep per night. Don’t be afraid of a 20-minute nap during the workday if you can. Get to bed around 10:30 p.m. and develop a nighttime ritual to help you unwind in the evenings. Before you snooze, try yoga Nidra meditation.

3. Diet Truly Matters

Hormones are created by what we eat. As a result, it’s recommended to avoid diet sodas, white flour, and chemical-laden processed meals, which cause extra stress to your system. Concentrate on genuine food: plant protein, healthy fats that assist your body produce hormones, a variety of vegetables, fermented foods, and green juices. Pay close attention to nutrients that help the liver. Show your liver some love by eating cruciferous vegetables, beets, carrots, leafy greens, garlic, avocados, and turmeric since a healthy liver improves hormone balance.

4. Use herbs and spices

Herbs and spices have tremendous healing power and help to balance hormones naturally. Adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha, shatavari and holy basil are excellent adrenal tonics to soothe stressed nerves and encourage restful sleep. Ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, mulethi assist to reduce inflammation and insulin resistance, which aids in hormone balance.

5. Keep your stress under check

We’re all living busy lives, and stress is inevitable. Go easy on yourself. Create a routine and include activities you enjoy. Try yoga and meditation. Get a massage or acupuncture. Examine the close relationships in your life and figure out how you can improve them. Try to fill yourself up with your own love and little things that bring you joy!!

Don’t forget about your most important relationship– your relationship with yourself! Your emotional well-being is crucial to happiness and hormone balance.