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Deepika Kini

November, 2021
DeepikaSarwa Co-founder, Bengaluru

Deepika is a co-founder of @sarwa_bengaluru, an organisation that truly strives to bring

justice to all the animals around them.

Deepika Kini is an animal rights activist who has been passionate about animal rights ever since she got her animal companion home. Based in Bangalore, Deepika is presently working on an Ahimsa fellowship with People for Animals. Her interest in animal rights is not just limited to rescues or activism but delves into policymaking as well. Deepika believes that when one policy changes or is implemented, the ripple effect is huge. 

Deepika’s journey with being an animal rights activist began when she first brought home her animal companion and started empathising with him. Deepika then slowly cut out all animal products from her life and eventually went vegan. 

Deepika believes in bringing animal liberation through these three methods which she herself practices as well. 

1) Building networks with existing organisations

2) Volunteering

3) Watch animal rights documentaries to get perspective on the sheer scale of the problem. 

Deepika’s organization ‘Sarwa’ currently rescues animals and treats them until they can be released. Sarwa plans on expanding into having more facilities to treat animals.