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Jigna Hiten Modasia

April, 2021
JignaFounder of Rainbow Animal Aid, Diu

Growing up, Jigna naturally became a friend to stray cats and dogs in her neighbourhood and slowly took the responsibility of feeding them. When she realized the appalling state many of them were living in, and the need for immediate medical attention, she took it into her own hands to save as many as she could. She feeds 300+ stray animals every day and fosters 40+ at her own home. Working as a Civil Engineer enables her to generate some funds to take care of these animals. The organisation receives small contributions from her followers, and lastly, her father is always by her side to make sure the ends are met for these helpless animals. But her challenge is to find a safe and caring home for her rescues. There are no vets in Diu and in case of an emergency she has to rush her pet to Junagadh, 4 hours away from her home. 

If you’d like to support and contribute to her efforts, you can reach out to her directly.