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Vishakha Chatterjee

June, 2021
VishakhaFounder of Pawsome Foundation, Lucknow

Pawsome Foundation came into being five years ago and registered as an NGO back in 2019. 

Presently, Pawsome Foundation shelters dogs, monkeys, hens, roosters, guineafowl, goats and cats. The funds for caring for these lovely animals are either generated through producing crops and selling them or through medical boarding. Apart from being a shelter, Pawsome Foundation also acts as a place where animals get adopted. During the COVID-19 situation, a total of 50 cats and dogs found loving homes.

Vishakha tries her best to rescue these animals and get them medical assistance and put them up for adoption. In the future, Vishahka dreams to construct a place where people can come and be surrounded by the comfort of animals and bring their pets and spend time with them.