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Yatin Kalki

August, 2021
Yatin-KalkiWildlife Biologist, Bengaluru

Yatin Kalki is a Wildlife Biologist who has been fascinated by the world of snakes for as long as he can remember. Originally from Bengaluru, Yatin is presently pursuing his Master of Science degree in Integrative Biology at Kennesaw State University. His uncanny interest in snakes helped us look at the reptiles and their world in a new light. Yatin rescues both venomous and non-venomous snakes which are found in backyards or sometimes people’s large homes

 and relocates them in a safe environment.

Yatin found that there are 33 snake species in Bengaluru but with urbanisation, only four types of snakes are usually found.  Yatin is a research associate and his work has also been published.