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Meat processing company expands into mock meats:  A plant-based future is not too distant.

May, 2022
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Mock meats are slowly becoming a product that’s in demand and are gaining not just customers but manufacturers too. Let’s take a short look at why plant-based mock meats are to be considered a serious contender in the food industry. The Meat processing company that’s creating a buzz by introducing plant-based meats is Chatha foods.

Chatha foods, one of the most prominent meat processing companies in India, sees a bright future in the plant-based food industry. Chatha foods has been in business with well-known brands like Domino’s, Subway, Burger King, Cafe Coffee Day, and many more. In their two decades of functioning, they have won various accolades including a nomination for the best supplier in Asia from Subway. Initially planning to introduce vegetarian options, but post-pandemic looking at the scenario and eating habits globally, introducing vegan options seemed a better decision. Their decision is not just a right step in terms of sustainability but a commercially prudent move to make. In a conversation with The Earthen one, the director Mr Paramjit Chatha shared that Chicken is not a growing market and that the meat industry, in general, is declining. In contrast, the demand for vegetarian food is growing at a faster rate. In their working experience, they have seen that the demand for chicken compared to the demand for vegetarians has been in the ratio of 45:55 but as of today, it has changed to 30:70. The reasons for this disproportionate growth are multifold but the most prominent one would be that with global warming meat is slowly but surely becoming unsustainable as a product. With this lifestyle change, markets are bound to keep up and make the changes needed to the kind of products being supplied.

After two years of working to get the taste and texture right, Field Grill by Chatha foods has a wide range of mock meats to offer. Flexitarians and transitioning vegans will be happy to see that Field Grill has all of the standard Indian favourite foods that are usually made with conventional meat. That’s right you get a plant-based replacement for everything from Seekh Kebabs to Nuggets. Interestingly the love for mock meats isn’t restricted to just vegans or vegetarians, many non-vegetarians occasionally switch to plant-based meats and some even make it a part of their regular diet. Keeping pace with the changes & armed with an unrelenting attitude toward excellence & achievement; Chatha Foods is confident that their plants will be able to manufacture enough mock meat to keep up with the growing demand.

Their state-of-the-art plant and machinery are amongst the largest in the country and made with the latest cutting-edge German technology. With all of the changes perhaps one of the most significant ones will be how easily accessible mock meats will be for the average Indian consumer. With a well-connected network of distribution channels in place, Field Grill products will soon be available pan India and they will also be available on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms making it easy to get healthy sustainable snacks almost anywhere in the country.

With this expansion, the plant-based community in India gets more food options as well as a sign that sustainable and ethical consumption is becoming more mainstream. Looking at the rising awareness and demand for plant-based options we can be assured that Chatha foods are one of the first meat processing companies in India to expand into mock meats. The day isn’t far when plant-based mock meats become a staple in most Indian households.