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Vegan Salon in Mumbai

May, 2022
Vegan Salon in Mumbai

The world of grooming and hair care is in for a pleasant surprise. One that is going to revolutionize how the industry works. The launch of a concept like “Kiahmoi” is a testament to the changing mindset of Indian entrepreneurs who do not shy away from doing the right thing even if it means veering off the beaten path.

Kiahmoi is a 100% Vegan luxury boutique salon for both men and women specializing in hair replacement and hair extension. When they say 100% vegan they mean it down to every little detail. Right from the products used, the food served to even the material used to design the interiors. The founder in conversation with The Earthen One said that they went to the extent of not setting up certain services because there were no vegan alternatives available to meet their standards. Kiahmoi goes the extra mile for high-quality cruelty-free by importing the following brands: Blue Skye for nail polish, Rene Furtere for hair care, Paul Mitchell for hairstyle, BOM cosmetics for Mani-pedi, and La Cremire for facials.

Kiahmoi’s uniqueness as a service provider does not stop at being vegan; they also provide 100% privacy. Starting with the location which is designed in such a way that you can choose to enter and park without prying eyes on you. Once you enter you can ease yourself into one of the private luxury cabins. In each cabin all of their salon services are available and it doesn’t end there each cabin has a tablet with subscriptions to Netflix. So you can be pampered privately in the lap of luxury and leave feeling confident. Helping Mumbaikars stay fresh and groomed in their fast-paced life, Kiahmoi also has the option of“ Express Services”. The Express Services is a list of 25 services that can be done within a span of 15 minutes each, a real blessing for anyone that’s trying to keep up with a hectic schedule while looking sharp. Picture this: your clothes will be ironed while you steam, shower, and get groomed. What better way to be rejuvenated and prepared for events while on the move.

Kiahmoi is also interested in helping budding businesses in the grooming industry grow with them. With the pop-up spaces in Kiahmoi, small businesses can set up shop and offer services to their regular clientele and perhaps add a few new ones to their list. Coming to their specialty is hair replacement they use a thin nylon scalp surface with real hair to give the client a realistic hairline. The material used is completely permeable so sweat won’t ruin it and clients who have it can even clean it by shampooing and washing it regularly. This procedure has no known allergic reactions or side effects; it has been used by celebrities and elite members of society for decades. Kiahmoi wants to make it mainstream so people at least know that this is an option instead of going for procedures that can potentially cause skin damage. Walker Tape is the finest brand in this field, it is used by the top cosmeticians in the United States for hair replacements, Kiahmoi also uses only this brand for their procedures.

A business model so unique has an aim that goes beyond commercial interests. Like any other structure, this business concept is founded on a few fundamentals. These fundamentals are a result of some experiences that the founder has seen throughout his life and all the values of Kiahmoi show this clearly. All throughout his life, the founder has seen people lose hair for various reasons be it alopecia, cancer, or just genetics. As a result of this hair loss a lot of people lose their self-esteem and confidence as well. Kiahmoi aims to help people in feeling confident about themselves by giving them the appearance that they deserve.

The name Kiahmoi itself is enough to pique one’s curiosity. What’s in a name? Well, let’s take a look at that. Kiahmoi is a combination of two words Kiah and Moi. The first word Kiah is meaningful in multiple languages in Aboriginal it means beautiful place, in Welsh it means a person of earth/nature In Hebrew, it translates to strength given by God, the Arabic meaning is Start of season/New beginning/Transformation and in Bengali means Little Wise One. The second word Moi is French for Me/Myself. This beautiful name is complemented by the three elements that depict what the brand stands for: the Peacock stands for beauty and happiness, the Sun stands for hope and New Beginning and the lotus represents rejuvenation and resilience.