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The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion

– Paulo

We publish inspiring stories that reinforce the importance of kindness and empathy. We bring to you tales of ordinary people who work relentlessly for the upliftment of the underprivileged regardless of the support and appreciation they may or may not get.

We are proud to say that most of these people are young men and women who take time out of their everyday lives and responsibilities to go the extra mile in caring for the voiceless-they rescue animals that are hurt, displaced, or in need of care. Some of these people have made shelters for the animals, from their funds and whatever limited funds they receive from friends and relatives.

At The Earthen One, we recognize their efforts and support their endeavours by supporting them financially through our donations. We aspire to make our audience aware of these everyday heroes who diligently work for animals and try to make this world a kinder place for them.

Smrity Dua

Smrity Dua

January 28, 2022
Smrity Dua runs an animal shelter in Delhi called Sukoon that rescues, feeds and rehabilitates stray dogs. Smrity single-handedly carries out all of her activities be it taking injured animals to the vet or feeding a large group of stray dogs. Smrity has dedicated her life to those who barely have a life. An animal shelter needs dedicated attention and constant supplies to treat injured animals. Sukoon gets funds from family, friends and other like-minded people. If you wish to support her, you can find more details on her Instagram...
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Deepika Kini

November 13, 2021
Deepika is a co-founder of @sarwa_bengaluru, an organisation that truly strives to bring justice to all the animals around them. Deepika Kini is an animal rights activist who has been passionate about animal rights ever since she got her animal companion home. Based in Bangalore, Deepika is presently working on an Ahimsa fellowship with People for Animals. Her interest in animal rights is not just limited to rescues or activism but delves into policymaking as well. Deepika believes that when one policy changes or is implemented, the ripple effect is...
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Yatin Kalki

August 20, 2021
Yatin Kalki is a Wildlife Biologist who has been fascinated by the world of snakes for as long as he can remember. Originally from Bengaluru, Yatin is presently pursuing his Master of Science degree in Integrative Biology at Kennesaw State University. His uncanny interest in snakes helped us look at the reptiles and their world in a new light. Yatin rescues both venomous and non-venomous snakes which are found in backyards or sometimes people's large homes  and relocates them in a safe environment. Yatin found that there are 33 snake...
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Vishakha Chatterjee

June 2, 2021
Pawsome Foundation came into being five years ago and registered as an NGO back in 2019.  Presently, Pawsome Foundation shelters dogs, monkeys, hens, roosters, guineafowl, goats and cats. The funds for caring for these lovely animals are either generated through producing crops and selling them or through medical boarding. Apart from being a shelter, Pawsome Foundation also acts as a place where animals get adopted. During the COVID-19 situation, a total of 50 cats and dogs found loving homes. Vishakha tries her best to rescue these animals and get them...
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Jigna Hiten Modasia

April 30, 2021
Growing up, Jigna naturally became a friend to stray cats and dogs in her neighbourhood and slowly took the responsibility of feeding them. When she realized the appalling state many of them were living in, and the need for immediate medical attention, she took it into her own hands to save as many as she could. She feeds 300+ stray animals every day and fosters 40+ at her own home. Working as a Civil Engineer enables her to generate some funds to take care of these animals. The organisation receives...
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Yash Muthiyan

March 10, 2021
Yash Muthiyan started running as a way to lose weight when he was a teenager. Now, this young athlete holds the distinction of having completed over 25  marathons. His most recent achievement was bagging a much-coveted podium at the 2021 Bengaluru marathon.  Yash's brilliant performance as a runner has got him sponsorship from top brands like Unived sports and Brooks running India. Yash is our hero of the month not just for his achievements on the field but off the field as well. Yash has been a completely plant-based athlete...
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Ankit Puri

January 7, 2021
Ankit’s journey with animals started at the age of 13. From volunteering for an animal shelter to raising funds for them and bringing awareness to the animal atrocities inflicted by humans, Ankit was unstoppable. At 16, he founded the NGO Voiceless India. Ankit was committed to bringing awareness about animal cruelty to youngsters who would immediately adapt to an ethical lifestyle.  Voiceless India has grown over the years, with a team of dedicated youth who balance their work with activism.  They have done multiple awareness programs in schools & colleges,...
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Mudra Parekh

December 15, 2020
Mudra turned vegan in 2019, inspired by her sister, Stuti. Staying in Gujarat, vegan options are not easily available. That's when Mudra decided to start her own venture called Meals with Mudra. She experimented for months before perfecting plant-based options like soya milk, coconut milk, cashew and almond milk, curd and vegan cheese. In order to break the normal stigma, that plant-based alternatives are expensive, she sold her products at comparatively low prices. She is an animal activist, recently completed her course in nutrition, and all this while pursuing her...
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Ananya Jain

November 30, 2020
Ananya Jain is an avid animal lover and a young vegan activist.  We met Ananya when she was 13 years old. She feeds nearly 150 dogs in her neighbourhood, looks after them and does not let people in society ill-treat puppies. When she observed that puppies were prematurely dying in road accidents, she made a shelter for them.  Ananya wants to become a veterinarian and has educated herself on the needs and body language of dogs. Ananya spreads awareness in her school and has helped her friends realise that street...
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